PP Holdings Board - Procure Plus
Creating value for our communities

PP Holdings Board

Chair : Michael Brown
Deputy Chair : TBC
Administrator : Katie Taylor, Procure Plus
Description :

The Board ensures that Procure Plus has a set of objectives and a business plan which reflects the needs of the organisations and its members, and acts in accordance with these documents and with relevant legislation. Performance is monitored at each meeting. The Board also considers significant risks facing the organisation and ensures there is an appropriate framework of delegation and internal control.


Date Location Start Time End Time
26/09/2013 Procure Plus 13:30 17:00
12/12/2013 Procure Plus 13:30 17:00
13/03/2013 Procure Plus 10:00 13:00
18/06/2014 Procure Plus 13:30 17:00
25/09/2014 Procure Plus 13:30 17:00
11/12/2014 Procure Plus 10:00 13:30
19/05/2015 Procure Plus 13:30 17:00