Celebrating our range of Social Value activities throughout 2015: Day 4 - Procure Plus
Creating value for our communities

Celebrating our range of Social Value activities throughout 2015: Day 4

Re:vision supports its partners in building their capacity to provide information, advice and guidance to local people.

‘Re:vision upskills front line advisors from local employability groups’

Re:vision works closely with local employability groups (LEGs) who work within communities to refer candidates for employment outcomes created by the procurement frameworks of Procure Plus. These organisations support tenants and residents furthest from the labour market to access upskilling, education, volunteering and employment opportunities. Having identified an inconsistency between the groups in their preparation of candidates for interview and employment, and following consultation with the LEGs themselves, Re:vision commissioned some bespoke training designed to improve the skills of the LEGs frontline advisors in preparing candidates for work. The training involved increasing awareness of the skills and attributes required by employers, improved knowledge of the production of a quality job application, understanding how to prepare candidates for interview and develop an understanding of appropriate behaviour in the workplace.

In total 29 individuals attended from 6 invited organisations, and there was a 94% achievement rate in the accredited element. The training was so well received that following further consultation, Re:vision is in the process of commissioning employer engagement training to support the LEGs to build upon and create their own employment outcomes.