Celebrating our range of Social Value activities throughout 2015: Day 9 - Procure Plus
Creating value for our communities

Celebrating our range of Social Value activities throughout 2015: Day 9

‘2 Fencing lads’

As well as working with employers to secure jobs for local people, Re:vision, a subsidiary of procure Plus, also supports social enterprises, charities and community interest companies (CICs) to provide employment and training for local people.

Newground is a social enterprise based in Blackburn, Lancashire. They approached Re:vision to help them create two apprenticeship positions, with Re:vision providing particular support in identifying and securing the services of a training provider, ensuring training and assessment visits were completed to ensure the candidates could successfully complete their apprenticeships. As two of the first people in Lancashire to undertake a fencing apprenticeship, the two apprentices were also supported by Re:vision, which provided them both with a comprehensive set of fencing tools and also regular mentoring and support visits from Peter Train, one of Re:vision’s regeneration managers.

Both Joe and Damien from Blackburn have now completed their Level 2 apprenticeships in fencing. Having worked hard to help Newground develop their fencing business, Joe and Damien have now secured full time employment with Newground. Both lads are thrilled to have secured permanent employment, with Damien adding “the training was good to do. You get what you came to get out of it. I’m happy to have a job”.