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CIH 2015: Demonstrating Value for Money through Effective Asset Management

While at CIH 2015, between holding meetings on the Re:allies stand and visiting some of our customers, we attended an insightful talk on effective asset management and demonstrating value for money.

The talk began with Mick Warner, deputy director of regulatory operations at the Homes and Communities Agency, discussing the 2014 Value for Money standards update. He explained how companies can draft a strong asset statement, highlighting the need for clear timescales and links to the delivery of objectives.

Next, Richard Medley, director of the CIH consultancy, discussed their new project: “Working Together to Redefine Asset Management”. This model is a new, flexible framework, which will evolve depending on the needs of those in the sector and of the industry as a whole.

Finally, we heard from Liam Goode, director of property services at Welwyn Hatfield Community Housing Trust (WHCHT). He gave the audience a mini case study on how WHCHT has improved its way of working to become more efficient, through changes like creating a partnership with repair and maintenance company, Mears.

The talk really resonated with the Procure Plus team as a lot of the objectives mirror the core values of our company. We’re always looking for ways to make our members’ ways of working more efficient, while providing them with the best savings on the market. It’s fantastic to see that the sector is placing increasing value on efficiency.

Fiona Sharp, Head of Service Quality, Procure Plus