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CSR – Who we are


Fiona Sharp – Responsible for Service Quality

Fiona has been part of the Procure Plus team since July 2008. Prior to this, Fiona was involved in front line policing and was part of the police public protection unit. Following seven years in the police, Fiona made the move to public sector change management, where all of her roles have since been partnership and multi-agency focused.

As part of her overall responsibility for service quality, Fiona is the lead on the ‘plus’ element of Procure Plus, meaning she is responsible for helping registered providers foster positive community relations in their neighbourhoods.  Fiona is also the lead for maximising training and employment opportunities for local people, supporting candidates from pre-recruitment training through to professional qualification. As well as guaranteeing that for every £1m spent with a Procure Plus contractor, a minimum of two local people are given a chance to gain sustainable employment, Fiona also leads on engaging with local employers outside of the framework to secure meaningful employment opportunities for those furthest from the labour market.

In addition, Fiona works with the ‘Achieve’ programme to support employers in providing jobs and work experience placements for ex-offenders, helping to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in local communities.


Ann-Marie English – Senior Regeneration Manager

Ann-Marie joined Procure Plus in April 2011. Previously, Ann-Marie worked for one of Procure Plus’ partners, GMEC, where she was responsible for ensuring that local businesses use their business leadership and job opportunities to improve the career prospects of local people, especially those furthest from the labour market.

Ann-Marie has particular responsibility for developing relationships with employers who are outside of our framework in order to develop mutually beneficial partnerships which will provide further opportunities for our communities. Ann-Marie also has responsibility for the implementation of the Living Wage Plus, an initiative to ensure that fair wages are paid to all who secure employment through Procure Plus frameworks.


Kate Parker – Senior Regeneration Manager

Kate has been part of the team since May 2009. Prior to this, Kate managed publically funding training and skills provision for a northwest training provider, having also spent time working in economic and community development overseas.

Kate has responsibility for ensuring that meaningful employment opportunities result from the works carried out via Procure Plus’ frameworks. This involves liaising with employers, colleges, housing providers and contractors to ensure that local people really do benefit from the creation of local employment opportunities.  Additionally, Kate also has responsibility for the delivery of programmes in the community, developing partnerships with community groups and social enterprises to ensure local tenants are supported into meaningful employment.


Clare Meachem, Mark Wilson, Peter Train – Regeneration Managers

Clare, Mark and Pete work with community groups, colleges and employers, to ensure that local people are given opportunities to secure meaningful employment within their local communities.  Clare oversees Procure Plus’ work with local employment groups, ensuring that work-readiness training provided to local people prepares them well for entry into the employment market.

Mark and Pete work across the North West, working with employers on the Procure Plus frameworks, ensuring they offer suitable employment opportunities, appropriate training, and relevant support to those entering the workforce.

Michelle Davis – Performance Analyst (CSR)122

Michelle assesses and reports on all aspects of regeneration delivery, ensuring the quality

of all we do.  Michelle oversees the preparation of the company-wide CSR-audit which provides independent assurance on all of Procure Plus’ activities in terms of CSR. Michelle also oversees the delivery of third party partners, assuring that all results reported by Procure Plus are of a consistently high standard.


Keeley Whittaker, Rosa Mullen – Regeneration Support 

Both Keeley and Rosa are IAG L4 qualified, and provide ongoing support and mentoring to all those who are employed on Procure Plus supported programmes.  Keeley also provides support to regeneration managers, by coordinating the process by which people apply for Procure Plus supported jobs.  Rosa provides support to the performance analyst by collating quality evidence and processing grant payments.