Efficiency - Aims - Procure Plus
Creating value for our communities

Efficiency – Aims


Procure Plus is a vehicle for regeneration and a unique interventionist approach to force change. Social housing providers must share a commitment to use our procurement capacity to make a difference.

Procure Plus re-invests volume cost savings directly back into local businesses, employment and training.


  • 2 employees per £million labour value, 35% of those from a non-traditional background
  • Procure Plus will help create and support two community enterprises per year
  • Procure Plus will allocate a significant portion of cost savings to a ‘Sense of Place’ fund

Through better procurement processes Procure Plus delivers financial savings to clients and generate a trust fund for reinvesting in regeneration.

This is not simply about money and cost savings – it’s also about investment in skills and local communities.

Generating local jobs for local people with local businesses