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Frameworks FAQs

How can I get access to use the Procure Plus frameworks?

Access to the frameworks is available to customers of Procure Plus (and in the case of some frameworks, the members of Re:allies too). In order to use the frameworks the first step is to send your contact details to support@procure-plus.com and a member of the operations team will contact you. The process we then follow is:

  • Review the service required
  • Review available frameworks
  • Review applicants social value policy; does it match what Procure Plus are trying to achieve
  • Benchmarking; openly review applicants work stream outturn costs against the Procure Plus benchmark data available

Once there is an agreement that Procure Plus can add value and the applicant is approved, they will sign the appropriate licences and either:

  • Become a customer of Procure Plus or Central Housing Investment Consortium or
  • Become a member of Re:allies

Next steps:

  • System use and training
  • Support of in-house teams
  • Contractor selection and material suppliers considered
  • Whole framework review, what else can we offer

How does a framework agreement work?

A framework agreement is a general term for agreements with suppliers which set out the terms and conditions under which specific purchases (call-offs) can be made throughout the term of the agreement. Procure Plus and Re:allies frameworks are tendered through a competitive  tender process that is compliant with the Public Contract Regulations. The frameworks are used by registered providers (RPs) to purchase goods, works and services related to their housing and amenity works. After a competitive tender process, the framework agreement is signed by Re:allies (or the relevant consortium) and the successful suppliers setting out the pricing, terms, quality and in some cases quantity of works to be undertaken. Re:allies (or the relevant consortium) then grants a licence to the RP  wishing to purchase the supply of goods, works or services covered by the framework entitling them to benefit from the savings and efficiency within. Finally, an ‘underlying contract’ which forms part of the framework agreement, is agreed and signed between the RP / customer and supplier to provide the contractual link between them. Depending on the type of supply, frameworks can run for up to four years and an underlying contracts can be placed at any time during the framework term, the maximum term of these contracts may outlast the framework term as long as it remains competitive for it to do so.

I am a contractor, or supplier, that would be interested in being on the framework, how do I do this?

The frameworks are tendered through a competitive tendering process every four years and it is not possible to join a framework partway through. The expiry dates for our current frameworks are set out below:

Supply of Gas Servicing ~ 22nd May 2020
Merchants and Distribution ~ 30th April 2021
Consultancy ~ 20th May 2018
Fleet Vehicles ~ 5th May 2018
Supply of Goods and Materials ~ 31st July 2018
Installation and Repairs ~ 31st July 2018
New Build ~ 10th January 2020
Waste Services Management ~ 14th July 2018
Design and Installation of Ground Source Heat Pump Systems ~ 26th February 2021
Supply of Ground Source Heat Pumps ~ 26th February 2021
Fire Risk and Mitigation ~ 24th January 2022


If you would like to be considered for these frameworks in future, please monitor our website or the OJEU for the start of the tender process, which will normally start 6 to 12 months in advance of the framework expiry date.

More information on these frameworks can be found on the ‘Frameworks’ page of our website.

If your products or services are not covered by our current frameworks, please email frameworks@procure-plus.com to understand where you may find opportunities within our supply chain.

Is it possible to use materials that aren’t on the framework?

We believe that the best pricing will be obtained by using materials from the framework as the prices have been leveraged against large volumes for these products. However, we understand there may be client specific needs or products that aren’t covered through the framework and we will discuss these with clients to agree the best route for these. Past solutions have included adding the products to existing supplier catalogues or for smaller, low value items, agreeing a supply and fit rate with the installer.

Which framework agreements should I access for the procurement of construction materials?

Procure Plus operate two material frameworks:

  • Goods and Materials for Installation and Repair Works (planned maintenance)
  • Goods and Materials for responsive repairs (Merchants framework)

Both frameworks are operated across the UK and are available to RPs who wish to work with and share our regeneration aims and ethos.

How do you manage the planned maintenance framework pricing?

Procure Plus provide a catalogue and category management service for both the labour and material elements.

At tender stage, typical works that may be carried out through the framework were defined into individual work packages, that were each given a scope and unique code. These work packages are used as the basis for building up a target cost, with only variations being priced. This ensures that the prices quoted at tender stage are used in the target cost.

  • Labour – 
the variation costs are benchmarked against other labour providers to ensure that the prices are competitive within the marketplace.
    Pricing reviews are carried out with contractors, which can result in prices going up and down. If prices are altered, the contractor will be re-ranked to reflect how their new pricing positions them in the marketplace.
  • Materials
 – generally prices are agreed across full ranges of products. Where a new product is required or offered, prices will be negotiated with existing suppliers in line with those tendered.

How do I call off a contractor or supplier to undertake work?

All contractor and supplier selection is facilitated by the Procure Plus operations team. If you are unsure of who to speak to please contact the Business Support section via email: support@procure-plus.com or by telephone on 0303 030 0030

For the majority of the frameworks there are two methods of call off, either by direct selection or mini competition for more details please see our Frameworks pages.

Procure Plus systems FAQs

I would like to arrange training and access on one of the Procure Plus systems, what do I need to do?

Training is free of charge. To arrange training or for more information please contact the information section via email: support@procure-plus.com or by telephone on 0161 874 1804.

Re:allies FAQs

What is Re-allies?

The Re:allies partnership is a strategic collaboration between housing consortia that provide services to social housing repairs, maintenance and development departments of registered providers across the UK.

Procure Plus, Efficiency North and Central Housing Investment Consortium bring together, unmatched cost savings, experience of building, regenerating and managing sustainable homes and environments, while offering a significant opportunity for social housing consortia to share best practice, undertake joint sourcing, promote schemes designed to improve local employment and reduce negative environmental impact.

Jointly, the members of Re:allies are responsible for the repair and upkeep of over 900,000 properties across the North of England and have a remit to reinvest volume cost savings directly into local businesses, jobs and skills. 
For more information, please visit www.re-allies.com.

Which organisations are involved in the partnership?

Currently Re:allies has 3 member organisations: Central Housing Consortium, Efficiency North and Procure Plus, however, it is expected that the membership will grow in the coming months.

How do the Re:allies frameworks work?

The Re:allies frameworks are tendered under the public contract regulations 2015 (as amended) and are available for use by all current and future members of the Re:allies Partnership. The framework agreements are designed to ensure they are the most competitive in their own markets using procurement strategies such as lotting, sub-lotting, value and scheme size bandings and other similar techniques.

The framework agreements are varied and range from the supply and distribution of materials to waste management services. Members are able to call-off a framework agreement using direct selection or mini-competition. Re:allies procure on a labour regional, materials national model. This means that Procure Plus and Efficiency North have separate labour frameworks, by doing this, we can achieve the best possible deal for our membership. Some of the frameworks are designed to run in conjunction with one another to maximise the value for money and expertise in the supply chain.
Joint frameworks for materials have been operational since August 2014.

A joint Builders Merchant arrangement has been in place since January 2014.

The Procure Plus Installation and Repair Framework Agreement has been operational since August 2014.

The Efficiency North Installation and Repair Framework Agreement has been in place since July 2015.

For a list of the frameworks provided by Re:allies please see here

What are the benefits of using a Re:allies framework?

The framework agreements are a compliant route to market for the Re:allies members which means that they can access the markets and obtain goods and services in a legally complaint way, also with the knowledge that the frameworks have been procured in a best practice manner.

Due to the volumes that the Re:allies partnership has been able to accumulate, we have been able to access extremely competitive rates on the framework agreements. Our members are able to access these rates which is really beneficial to them.

The framework agreements are in place to provide members with a good deal, this in turn provides leverage for the delivery of social value. Apprenticeships and work placements are achieved when certain levels of expenditure are directed through the framework agreement by our members. The Re:allies model of socio-economic impact is recognised as outstanding and transformational by Government Departments.

What types of framework do Re:allies provide?

The Re:allies partnership are experts in the construction and social housing sector and provides members with many different types of framework agreements. These range from the supply and distribution of materials, fleet management and waste management.

Please click here to see a list of the framework agreements provided under the Re:allies partnership.

What does Re:allies do that the member consortia can't do individually

Re:allies is able to leverage significant amounts of demand due to the geographical coverage it has. Please see below to find out more about the geographical coverage of Re:allies.

Using the volumes of their combined membership base, CHIC, Efficiency North and Procure Plus have a heightened buying power in the construction market and are a recognised provider when it comes to our framework agreements. With a fantastic reputation among customer and supplier alike, Re:allies is able to achieve the best possible deal for its membership.

Re:allies is currently in advanced discussions with Government concerning Social Impacts Bonds that would combine the social outputs of member organisations and create a substantial fund based on the collective impact of employment and training activity.
Our joint working enables us to constantly infuse best practice, both in procurement and social benefit through our best practice groups.

Re:allies also provides other key services such as procurement, category management and system access.

Members have access to a suite of online systems which we have developed our solution specifically for the social housing sector by working, for over 7 years, with our customers and users to fully understand their requirements, methods of working, business drivers and regulatory changes whilst ensuring that it easy and simple to use. It provides a project management and order processing system and enables us to provide our customers with a seamless end to end business support system.

We are able to offer a fully working solution which will deliver an e-Trading system with the added benefits of:

  • Inclusion / interfaces to external tendering systems
  • Support of projects or schemes, archetypes
  • Inbuilt project management
  • Financial forecasting
  • Key stages and financial reporting
  • Progress chasing
  • Order and delivery management to single or multiple sites, including part deliveries and returns
  • Full set of reports (with the ability for csv export to enable further interrogation)
  • Inbuilt catalogue management
  • Contractor selection can be by direct call off, price / performance comparison or mini competition
  • Performance tracking and KPI collection
  • Interfaces to:
      • Our Income Management system (IMS)
      • User (landlord) systems
      • Suppliers’ systems for uploading and transferring survey information
      • People Plus system (trainees, mentoring and up skilling)

Our solution is a secure web based, externally hosted platform which is accessible via a user’s Internet browser. Users are assigned permission levels to suit their role functional requirements and in the case of landlords they only see ‘their own’ elements of the system i.e. projects, associated contractors, similarly contractors and suppliers only see projects they are assigned to. Payments, fee collection and any rebates are managed via IMS which aggregates the day to day transactions into groups, applies the correct fee rates, raises direct debits and allocates cash.

Will Re:allies partner with additional procurement consortia in the future?

Re:allies is currently in detailed discussions with a number of consortiums with a view to them taking advantage of the model and pricing available to Re:allies members.  As a not for profit organisation Re:allies is able to further improve the deals and terms available to existing and new members through continually increasing volumes and learning from new members.

What is Re:allies geographical remit?

There is no preconceived notion of geography.  Should we be approached by a geographically based consortium we would treat each approach on its merits.  We do remain of the opinion that certain procurements lend themselves to national deals, but we are equally committed to local supply chains for contractors and labour, for this is at the heart of the ability to regenerate neighbourhoods and provide enduring and improving employment prospects for our members residents.

Who are the board members of Re:allies?

The current Re:allies Partnership Board is:

Ian Perry, Independent Chair
Kevin Ruth, Together Housing Group
Lee Parkinson, Efficiency North
Mark Robinson, Hull City Council
Professor Michael Brown, Procure Plus Independent Chair
Mick Werritt, St Leger Homes
Mike Brogan, Procure Plus
John Fisher, Central Housing Investment Consortium
Paul Sutton, Shropshire Housing Group
Andrew Howarth, Fortis Living

Re:vision FAQs

What is Re:vision?

Re:vision is a charitable subsidiary of Procure Plus Holdings Limited.

Re:vision partners with contractors, suppliers and distributors working through the Procure Plus frameworks to ensure a min of 2 quality employment-with-training places are provided to local residents for every £1m of contract value.

Re:vision also works with other local employers, assisting them in recruiting local people into high quality jobs. Re:vision also works with a variety of organisations, helping them to develop their Social Value strategies.

What are the aims of Re:vision?

Re:vision exists to support initiatives that help people into quality employment.

Re:vision doesn’t look to do this work directly, but to support local organisations, who understand local communities and local employers, to work effectively in their area. That way, when a partnership with Re:vision comes to an end, a real legacy is left in the area, by way of increased capacity and stronger and more robust community organisations providing effective support to local people.

Does Re:vision just work with Procure Plus partners?

Re:vision aims to work with organisations in local communities and local companies, helping those furthest from the labour market to ultimately secure sustainable employment. As well as working with Procure Plus framework partners, Re:vision also works with local community groups, social enterprises and SMEs. Re:vision provides financial support to those organisations, as well as a forum for those organisations to share best practice and drive up standards within the sector. Additionally, Re:vision provides training and development for those organisations, so they can offer the best service possible to their local communities.

As well as local community groups, Re:vision also works with a variety of local employers, supporting them in recruiting candidates from local communities who may have previously had barriers to employment. High quality positions are secured, often paying Living Wage and including opportunities to gain accredited and recognised qualifications. Employers are supported through the recruitment process, and during the initial period of employment of local candidates.

Which areas does Re:vision work in

Re:vision works primarily across the North of England, but can work throughout the UK.

How can I work with Re:vision?

Depending on the type of organisation you are part of, there are various ways you can work with Re:vision:

  • If you are employer, speak to us about how we can help you recruit and help to arrange training for those new staff
  • If you are a community group, speak to us about how we can support your activities with grants, training and networking opportunities
  • If you are a commercial business, speak to us about how we can help you develop your own Social Value programmes in your local area

General FAQs

I would like to use the Procure Plus logo, what is the correct process?

Procure Plus fully understand that suppliers and installers will wish to promote the success of their business and brand on being appointed to the Procure Plus frameworks and indeed the on-going relationship with Procure Plus in the coming years.

We wholly support this type of activity, however, we do need to see and approve in advance of a copy of any press release/story being issued or published using the Procure Plus brand; details of the approval process and acceptable use of our logo can be found at www.procure-plus.com/downloads or by downloading the Logo Usage Guidelines by clicking here.