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Social Value and Refurbishment

Social Value and Refurbishment Framework 

Our Social Value and Refurbishment Framework has replaced the Responsive Repairs and Voids framework to deliver waste clearance and installation of preventative security measures and minor and major repair and refurbishment works to vacant properties.   The framework agreement was compliantly procured  and was launched in March 2014 and will run for 4 years until 2nd March 2018.

Procure Plus’ commitment to making measurable social and economic differences to their customers neighbourhoods, in conjunction with recognition of the quality of the Social Enterprise market; combined with an increasing drive to procure services from the social sector; Procure Plus sought to advance their offering and bridge the gap in the provision of a Social Value and Refurbishment Framework aiming to balance our customers’ conflicting priorities of delivery, cost and social value.

The aim of which was to deliberately target organisations who could demonstrate their capability in project delivery and cost efficiency; whilst successfully delivering reaching regeneration objectives, employing a larger number of operatives from local priority groups.

Consequently the Framework has successfully appointed a range of small to medium sized enterprises that can sustain higher than average social outcomes, compared to other PP frameworks, while maximising the social offering by smart categorisation of lots.

There are 4 lots divided into competency bands and geographical coverage.  The banded structure of the Framework enables organisations to deliver works for which they are entirely suited.  These bands are represented by 4 lots:

Lancashire, Merseyside and Manchester

Lot 1 – Waste clearance and installation of preventative security measures

Lot 2 – Minor repair and refurbishment works

Lot 3 – Major repair and refurbishment works


Lot 4 – Waste clearance and installation of preventative security measures

The newly established Social Value through Investment Framework offers an OJEU complaint source from which Customers have the opportunity to purposefully select rigorously tested organisations, either as a small programme of works, as a partnership arrangement, or as an additional resource to supplement others. 

Selection and Call off

The Framework Agreement, allows the customer to call off services proportionate to the requirement, broker partnerships between organisations and / or break down larger work packages to maximise the added value on a specific project, alternatively, you can select a supplier to undertake all your requirements.  These services can if required be called off directly or alternatively you may wish to undertake a mini competition bespoke to your requirements.

The Framework Agreement is available under licence by the current and future members of Procure Plus and Cumbria Housing Partnership.