Gwen Beeken - Managing Director - Procure Plus
Creating value for our communities

Gwen Beeken – Managing Director


Gwen began her career in boat building before moving to the construction industry, working in project and contract management in the commercial and high speed retail sectors.  In November 2008, she joined Procure Plus, working with clients to deliver Decent Homes projects.  Since that time, the company has grown significantly, expanding the service offer, bringing in house supply chain management, operational support, procurement and systems development.  Motivated by the desire to improve what we deliver, Gwen has fulfilled a number of key roles in delivering these changes and as Managing Director is now responsible for ensuring its continuing success.

With the real need for more homes at a cost people can afford, Gwen has recently led the development and now establishment of Osco Homes, a wholly owned subsidiary of Procure Plus that develops new housing sites.  Bringing technology, design and a smart supply chain together, Osco Homes is a turnkey developer for housing using its own high quality offsite assembled housing product, that is significantly cheaper than a traditional approach.  Working in HMP Hindley, operatives are provided with meaningful training to produce the externally complete walls, floors and roofs which are then transported to site and assembled into a unit within hours.  On release, ex-offenders are supported into full time employment, preferably with Osco Homes, utilising the trade and personal skills they have gained.