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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement
This privacy statement relates only to Procure Plus’s website, links to other websites are not covered.Procure Plus does not capture or store any personal information about individuals or companies who access this website, except where you voluntarily choose to give us your details via e-mail, or by using an electronic form, or by enquiring about any of our services. In the case of the latter two, in compliance with the EU Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications the data you provide electronically will be used exclusively for providing you with the information you have requested. Procure Plus does not pass any of your personal data to outside organisations and/or individuals, except with your express consent.

Use of Cookies
Cookies are small text files that certain websites write to your hard drive when you visit. There are two main types of cookies – persistent cookies and session cookies. Session cookies are deleted after your visit and persistent cookies may remain on your computer or mobile device. Procure Plus has carried out an audit of the cookies we use are these are listed below. We only use cookies on our public sites for collecting information from the site. We will not collect any information which can identify you about you except that required for the essential system administration of the web server. Procure Plus only monitors IP addresses of visitors to assess which pages are the most popular. These IP addresses are not linked to any personal data so all visitors to our site remain anonymous.

The session cookies we use on our public sites are listed below:

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The only persistent cookie we will set is named “first_visit”. This cookie is used to show the cookie information banner at the top of the site on your first time visit and will expire 1 month after being set. No personal information is stored within this cookie. In addition, we also use cookies placed by Google to report on the number of visitors to our site. Full details of those cookies can be found at

Non Public Sites
Where your users are required to log in, cookies are used but these are essential for the operation of the systems so they are excluded from the new “Cookie Law.” We understand that at present you do not require you clients to accept any terms and conditions for using the system. You may need to take legal advice on this aspect. If Terms and Conditions are implemented, the use of cookies should be acknowledged within these.

Please note, the content of the Procure Plus website does not constitute advice in relation to any specific situation or type of situation. Procure Plus makes no warranty, assurance or representation as to the security, accuracy, completeness or suitability in any situation, of any material on or accessible from this website, nor does it make any commitment to update such material, and all implied terms, conditions and warranties however so implied, are herby excluded.

Links to Other Websites
The Procure Plus website contains numerous links to websites owned, operated and controlled by third parties. Procure Plus has no control over any of these websites and as such makes no warranties with regards to quality, security, accuracy or any other aspect of such sites, and excludes any and all liability arising from use of the same.

All website design, text, graphics, the selection and arrangement thereof, and all software compilations, underlying source code, software (including applets) and all other material on this site are copyright of Procure Plus Holdings Ltd and its affiliates, or their content and technology providers. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Permission is granted to copy electronically and to print in hard copy portions of this website for the sole purpose of promoting the activities of Procure Plus. Any other use of materials – including reproduction for purposes other than those noted above, modification, distribution, or republication – without the prior written permission of Procure Plus is strictly prohibited.