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Creating value for our communities

Social Value – Skills and employment

Procure Plus, and our clients, are committed to seeing improved lives, not just improved houses, in our communities. That’s why we work with the contractors working in our communities to ensure that local people are provided with sustainable employment opportunities (employment with training up to level 2, to enable individuals to sustain their own future employment).

Procure Plus works with contractors to ensure that for every £1m spent with contractors results not just in high quality workmanship on people’s houses, but also in a minimum of 2 local people being given sustainable employment opportunities. Since 2006 this has resulted in over 300 individuals getting local paid employment with training opportunities in construction trades. In 2010/11 an average of 4 trainees were provided with sustainable employment opportunities per £1m spent in local communities.

As well as providing these training and employment opportunities, Procure Plus also works with contractors to help them provide the best possible experience for our trainees, and we provide our trainees with their very own trade specific toolkit. This means whilst they are training they are able to work at the same high standard that we expect from all our contractors!