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Social Value – What we do

Re:vision is a charity working with Procure Plus to help move local people, who are distant from the labour market, into employment. Re:vision meets its aims of moving people into employment, by working with two groups of organisations:

Local Employment Groups (LEGs)
These are community groups, job clubs, social enterprises and other similar organisations who work to prepare individuals for the world of work. Re:vision works with these organisations, supporting them by providing grant funding for their activities in local areas. Re:vision quality checks these organisations, and where appropriate, provides training for these organisations to help improve their service in local areas.

Local Employers
Re:vision supports LEGs in engaging with local employers who can provide meaningful, paid, sustainable employment opportunities for local people.

In addition, Re:vision also has an employer engagement service, which engages with employers directly, to secure opportunities which are then made available to local people, via the LEGs.

Typically, the positions secured with local employers are entry level, often involving some kind of formal training (NVQ, apprenticeship etc). Re:vision can help identify a suitable training provider and training programme, if the employer has not offered training previously, and Re:vision typically offers mentoring and support to both the new employee and the employer for at least the first six months of the job.

What can you do?

Large organisations often have suppliers or contractors who would have the capacity to recruit local people as a result of the business provided by the larger organisation. These could be cleaning contractors, catering suppliers and/or consultants. By providing details to Re:vision of the supply chain, Re:vision can work with these organisations to identify suitable positions which can be offered locally, and any results will be reported back to Procure Plus clients.

Large organisations may also have some internal capacity to offer employment to local residents. These could be via an ILM model, which typically provides a group of people with paid, entry level work for a min of six months, before then actively moving them on to sustainable employment in other organisations. Alternatively, there may be capacity for apprenticeships in individual departments, where a person is recruited and trained, with the intention of retaining the apprentice once qualified.

What support is available?

Re:vision supports employers in many ways, to ensure that both employers, and employees find the partnership with Re:vision successful. This support could include training for the employer to help them mentor employees, financial support to help cover costs of training and/or equipment for the new employee, identifying appropriate training provision, and/or mentoring for the new employee. If other support is required we would be happy to consider provision supporting either the employee or the employer, to ensure the success of the partnership.

Call the team on 0161 874 1808 or 0161 874 1828 for further details