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Securing value in challenging times

An introduction by Gwen Beeken, Managing Director at Procure Plus:

To say that that social housing providers are operating in a climate of uncertainty would be a profound understatement.

There is a level of volatility greater than we have experienced for many years, with wave after wave of unprecedented global events continuing to shape the environment in which we operate.

This paper makes a clear case that individual organisations cannot respond to these historic challenges alone. It is only through working collectively and engaging with the market that housing providers can continue to secure best value and ensure that suppliers understand their priorities.

To be frank, the market does not look like it will become any less challenging as we enter the new financial year. A global economy reeling from the impact of the pandemic now grapples with a rapidly shifting geopolitical situation.

The challenges of maintaining decent homes standards, preparing for net zero and ensuring that building safety regulations are met remain, and mean that many providers are looking to ramp up investment amidst all of this uncertainty.

The only way to deal with instability is to be clear about what we can influence.

By procuring together through our frameworks, housing providers can secure financial and social value, as well as sharing best practice. And by engaging directly with the supply chain as a collective, we can navigate market disruption and manage risk.

The extraordinary response to the pandemic demonstrated the ability of the sector to come together and deliver in difficult times. I am confident that by working together, we can rise to the challenges ahead.