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Effective procurement

The role of effective procurement in increasing the pace of housebuilding took centre stage at this year’s Chartered Institute of Housing’s 2016 Housing Conference, as Procure Plus and its fellow Reallies members demonstrated how they can help.

Along with Efficiency North, and Central Housing Investment Consortium (CHIC), which together comprise social housing procurement consortium Reallies, Procure Plus tested attendees to build a flat-pack house against the clock. The construction challenge helped showcase the Reallies New Build Framework, which improves supply chain efficiency and intelligence procurement through offers such as off-site homes. The on-stand housebuilding challenge proved quite the draw, with the record time dropping well below the one minute mark by the end of the three day event.

The conference


Mike Brogan, Chief Executive of Procure Plus, explained: “The Housing Conference is the biggest event on the calendar, so being able to speak to so many people on the benefits of procurement in helping the housing shortage was hugely important. Offering a fast and cost-effective route to providing new homes is essential in tackling the housing crisis – and the offer provided by Procure Plus and Reallies can have a huge effect in improving both these factors.”

From speaking with a wide range of delegates, it became clear that the impact of procurement is well known. We always want to speak with people from across the housing industry who are interested in working with us, or would like to know more about the Reallies New Build Framework.”


Commenting on the on-stand housebuilding challenge, Mike explained: “While we all wish housebuilding could be that quick and easy, the challenge nicely demonstrates the role we can play in helping speed up development.”

The Reallies New Build Framework offers a fast and cost-effective route to providing new homes, with the added benefits of local employment and training opportunities. It falls in line with the Government’s agenda for the sector, recognising the need for affordable housing and an increase in training resources to help deliver it.