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Procure Plus are about to procure a new and innovative DPS for Domestic Retrofit Programme Delivery.

The Local Energy North West Hub, which is administering GHG Local Authority Delivery Phase 2 (GHG LADS2) in the North West of England, is working with Procure Plus to specify the DPS to the requirements of local councils.

Initially, this 4 year DPS will be accessed by local authorities, combined authorities, and social housing providers primarily in the North West for the delivery of the £53m GHG LADS2 funded, private sector focused, PAS2035 compliant retrofit programme.

Post GHG LADS2,  the DPS will be used for subsequent publicly supported energy advice programmes and private sector retrofit schemes, ‘willing to pay’ private sector schemes and to support social housing providers to develop and deliver their own PAS2035 compliant investment programmes.

If you can provide homeowner referral or energy related advisory services, multi-measure retrofit programme delivery (in house or via local supply chain partners) or retrofit assessment, project management and PAS2035 roles then you should apply for a place in this DPS.

Contact to be notified when the procurement of the DPS gets underway.