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Waste management

As part of the framework, a complete waste audit can be carried out to find out the types of waste generated, its scale, levels of waste in waste containers, levels of correct segregation and instances of contamination.

To help social landlords better understand how efficiently their waste management systems and procedures are operating, the audit will highlight strategies to reduce waste and identify waste diversion opportunities, as well as scrutinising data and costs of the contractors currently being used.

An innovative approach

Once the full scope of waste services is understood, Reallies and the selected provider will use an innovative approach to waste management, utilising new technologies and equipment where possible to provide environmental and social benefits, and making recommendations on how existing arrangements can be improved to achieve further cost savings and efficiencies.

The framework is focused on the delivery of waste management services to social housing properties predominantly in the North West, Yorkshire and the Humber, the Midlands, the South of England and Wales.

Effective and efficient waste management is something every social landlord needs. Reallies management solution provides transparency and online reporting tools that enable links to be made across projects, sites and work streams. This data is analysed to highlight areas where behavioural, situational or contractual modifications can be introduced to generate additional environmental, social and cost efficiencies.

Paul Tennant

Independent Chair of Reallies

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