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Our 4 Pillars

  • Collaboration

    Working across the sector, with clients, contractors and the supply chain, we ensure that information flows and all parties are part of the successful delivery. Our system provides ongoing access to information

  • Risk

    Managing a project on time and cost requires effective risk management. The temptation could be to outsource the contractor, but What does this cost? And is it just money or does it include compromising control of specification, use of local contractors and loss of control when it comes to quality & programme. By making available the information expertise and knowledge, we can better assess and manage the risk.

  • Support

    We bring together expertise and knowledge and aggregate information from across the market to ensure, from call off to close out, the project team are supported to deliver value for money.

  • Value

    Operating uniquely, aggregating, collaborating, reducing risk, ensuring support, the Procure Plus team can provide maximum value to customers by taking our income from a small proportion of the aggregated savings the delivery team secure. As a not for profit, controlled by a board of housing providers, this income is only required to cover the cost of running the business.

Case Studies

Efficiency in your repairs service – bringing frameworks together

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