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What is the Goods and Materials framework?

The Goods and Materials framework is a unique framework agreement that is an essential part of Procure Plus’ planned maintenance service to social housing customers.

The framework agreement is structured into lots, and each one represents a key area of supply for planned maintenance works.

The framework agreement provides opportunities for distributors and specialist manufacturers to work together as well as for specialist suppliers to supply directly to the customer.

What has brought about this latest update?

The expiry of the existing framework has driven the requirement to procure it again. Procure Plus welcomes the renewal of framework agreements as an opportunity to consolidate the knowledge from the current framework to help create the next successful iteration.

How does the latest agreement alter the existing framework?

The agreement is the latest iteration of the framework, and its evolution will ensure that it continues to maintain its position as the leading supply framework in the sector to deliver value for money in the completion of planned maintenance works.

The framework agreement provides value for money by separating out the procurement of materials from the procurement of installation works.

It also navigates the tender process and brings the extensive procurement documentation to life.

The agreement operates in conjunction with Procure Plus’ framework agreement for Installation and Repair, tenders for which are currently being evaluated.

How does the updated framework compare with others on the market?

Our separated model for the procurement of goods and works to complete planned works – and the extent of the procurement in the sector that takes place underneath it – cannot be found elsewhere.

What level of engagement are you expecting for this latest agreement?

A key success factor in this framework agreement is Procure Plus’ absolute emphasis on effective procurement and contract management. The team are constantly procuring planned investment works with our customers, and the extent of our exposure to the procurement and management of these works enables us to develop innovatively and to shape our planned investment offer, as the term of each framework agreement progresses.

Crucial to the success of this particular framework is the fact that Procure Plus has a dedicated and specialist Supply Chain Management team, who work with every supplier every day of the framework term to ensure collaborative relationships and the investment of all parties deliver success for customers of the framework.

How can interested companies participate in the tender?

To participate in the tender, interested companies can register on the Procure Plus Tender Management System. Procure Plus Holdings will be hosting a series of Bidder Information Sessions to help companies who register for the opportunity to navigate the tender process.

When are tender submissions due?

Tender submissions are due by 5pm on Friday 31 March 2023.

When will the new framework agreement go live?

The agreement is set to go live on 1 August 2023.