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Re:vision year end summary report for 2017/18

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Summary 1.1. The key achievements within financial year 2017/18 for Re:vision are:

  • Exceeding all 2017/18 KPIs
  • Managing organisations using the tier 3 model to ensure full delivery of employment outcomes successfully
  • Continuing the commissioning model within 17/18, actively developing new areas/LEGs and negotiating commissioned activity to ensure board approval of proposed commissions
  • Influencing and improving the quality of delivery by partner LEGs by providing direct support for employer engagement and grant claims within Tree of Life, Birchwood, Flintshire and Bury
  • Continuing to support a partnership network for LEGs that has led to cross organisational working and learning
  • Developing new relationships in Barrow with the withdrawal from CHP
  • Developing relationships with large local employers including Thumbs Up & Cardinal Maritime
  • Applying for external funding to support the continued growth of Re:vision
  • Continuing to support OSCO in their development of a workforce largely made up of ex-offenders through successful recruitment and mentoring within HMP Hindley and also upon release
  • Supporting Women on The Tools (WotT) to become part of the PPH group delivering social value
  • Being fully prepared for new GDPR legislation

2. Commentary 2.1. The KPI’s for Re:vision have all been exceeded this year:

  • 406 people supported in to employment, against a target of 380
  • 92% recruitment from a priority group against a target of 90%
  • 52% recruitment from those living in social housing
  • 85% of those supported remained in employment for at least six months/achieved a qualification, against a target of 80%

2.2. A total of 406 people have been supported into employment as a result of Re:vision activity this year . as noted in the Re:vision annual summary report end of 2017/18. The support provided remains both financial and practical including the provision of toolkits, in-work support and mentoring and grant payments to Local Employment Groups (LEGs). In 2017/18 work was commissioned from 20 LEGs with a total value of £526,500.

Re:vision annual summary report end of 2017/18 – MEETING: RE:VISION NORTH LIMITED BOARD ITEM

2.3. Those LEGs receiving commissioned funds have continued to receive regular contract review meetings to discuss the quality of delivery against targets and look at how they can be further supported to build their capacity.

2.4. In line with the Re:vision strategy, grants awards in 2017/18 have all been made on a “commissioned” basis. These continue largely to be for a 12-month period, giving the delivery partners a degree of certainty and allowing continuity of service for candidates seeking help.

2.5. The employment engagement officer and employability officer have continued to provide dedicated support to LEGs in their delivery of employment outcomes. The employment engagement officer worked in partnership with Communities First in Wales, Bury Council and Wigan Youth Zone. This has allowed Re:vision to demonstrate the value of employer engagement and how this can significantly increase the quality and type of vacancies available for candidates.

2.6. The employability officer has been based within Tree of Life (Wythenshawe) and Birchwood (West Lancashire) to build the capacity within these organisations to deliver employment support, achieving the target of 16 additional outcomes secured.

2.7. As Barrow BC withdrew from Cumbria Housing Partnership they were keen to work with Re:vision to see a strong delivery of social value in their area. Re:vision has therefore developed local partnerships leading to the commission of Inspira to partner with Re:vision in delivering quality social value in Cumbria.

2.8. Through the work of Re:vision’s business development manager and employment engagement officer a number of new partnerships have been opened up this year with major employers. Re:vision has built relationships with ‘Thumbs Up’ based in Bury, (a plastics manufacturer and distributor) and also Cardinal Maritime (logistics service provider) based in Wythenshawe.

2.9. Within this year work has been to completed to upload service offers on the DWP’s dynamic purchasing scheme. This is a potential source of income for Re:vision and work will continue into 18/19 to develop this offer further.

2.10. Several applications have been put into charitable funding sources to increase the income into Re:vision including the Henry Smith Foundation, Swires Foundation and Peoples Postcode Lottery. The application to Peoples Postcode Lottery has been successful at the first stage and a second stage application should be decided by the end of June 2018.

2.11. Re:vision has been working with CITB , developing a commission from CITB to deliver activity bringing those underrepresented in construction into the industry. Whilst the support in developing the commission occurred in 17/18, the commission will not be made until 18/19.

2.12. A high proportion (297) of the Re:vision outcomes in 17/18 came from the LEGs. The continued support and capacity building of these organisations is critical to continued Re:vision success. Within this financial year the LEG partnership group has met twice and utilised external speakers include MIND and the Young Women’s Trust to share best practice and wider services that LEGs can access for their candidates. Within 17/18 Re:vision supported LEGs in growth and development, including Moneypenny Foundation (previously funded in Wrexham), who were keen to mirror their existing programme within Liverpool. By linking them up with PPH client landlords they have successfully replicated and delivered their programme in Liverpool and are now looking to expand this into North Manchester in 18/19.

2.13. As OSCO has continued to grow in 17/18, with ex-offenders as a key priority group for Re:vision, it has proactively supported OSCO by undertaking the positive recruitment and selection of ex offenders to work within the prison factory at Hindley. This support has also included mentoring for OSCO employees with an offending history, whilst both inside Hindley but also on release through a partnership with The Broughton Trust. Re:vision has also used its network of employers with a keen interest in social value, to secure employment for those released from prison who are unable to work (either by choice or geography) on the OSCO construction site

MEETING: RE:VISION NORTH LIMITED BOARD ITEM 7: Re:vision Annual Summary Report outside the prison factory. Additionally, Re:vision has supported the OSCO team by sourcing additional training delivered to the OSCO team during factory ‘down time’.

2.14. Re:vision has worked closely with WOTT during 17.18 to smooth their transition into the PPH group. This has included joint working to explain the social value delivery mechanism, the line management for the WOTT employee now sitting within Re:vision and them completing a piece of research around LEG’s and the quality of their work with candidates based upon the data captured from the first point of referral for a position through to successfully securing employment.

2.15. Re:vision has worked with colleagues in Procure Plus operations team to develop a new approach to organisations on the manufacturers and suppliers frameworks. This has involved agreeing financial donation to Re:vision to support apprentices, based on the business completed through the framework. This approach has been trialled by Rexel, with positive results, and will be developed further in 18/19.

2.16. Re:vision has completed extensive preparatory work, throughout 17/18, to ensure compliance with new GDPR legislation. The project has been comprehensive and resulted in changes to much of Re:vision’s ‘behind the scenes’ work. Re:vision has also provided support to LEGs to ensure that, where their work integrates with Re:vision, it is compliant.