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Osco Homes

Osco Homes is a developer and contractor with a difference, regenerating and creating happy neighbourhoods.

We believe, by working differently, we can make homes aspirational, affordable and bring opportunity to people outside of the construction sector, whilst making our communities better places for all.

The Osco Homes factory builds high quality homes, incorporating light and spacious rooms and desirable design, to make them beautiful places to live.

​Osco utilises the latest technology throughout design, manufacture and assembly to model and plan the homes from several standard building blocks, giving flexibility on the appearance and dimensions, but controlling the build process and costs.

​The main structure is factory built from light gauge steel frames, which are assembled into wall panels, floor, ceiling and roof cassettes within a quality controlled environment.  The walls and roof are externally completed in the factory, quickly providing a watertight and secure structure once assembled on site.

​The sites are carefully prepared and controlled so homes can be quickly and accurately assembled, creating new communities with minimal local impact.

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