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Efficiency – What we do


Obvious benefits come from cost savings associated with bulk buying power but beyond this consortia clients benefit from learning best practice. In addition, clients can save time and money without the need to carry out their own tender processes.

Contractors – budgets and cash flow

Local construction companies benefit by more effective budgeting with regard to both the longer term and higher volume contracts that Procure Plus offer. By dealing directly with the social housing provider, contractors can rely on regular payments assisting cash flow and helping their businesses grow.

Local community – training

Procure Plus helps small to medium-sized enterprises in the local area to grow and deliver better services while helping local people develop skills and formalise qualifications through better recruitment and training. All Procure Plus contractors are expected to recruit and fully train more staff.

Tenant satisfaction

The Procure Plus tenant satisfaction strategy integrates the various practices currently employed by individual organisations, thereby creating economies of effort and shared learning. This includes arrangements for consultation, satisfaction surveys and tenant involvement in the procurement process.