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Driven by the desire to get more for every £1 of spend, we are a diverse team that have come together to deliver more.  Employing a range of construction, procurement and IT expertise, we secure and manage sustainable, market leading prices and use those relationships to work with the supply chain to improve our communities through the provision of jobs and training.  Having leveraged multi-million £ funding from organisations such as CiTB, we support those distant from the labour market into full time employment with training.  The social value and impact, for the individual, their family, friends and the wider community, is transformational and makes our society better for us all.

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In 2018 WAMT became a subsidiary charity of Procure Plus, where its work is closely aligned with that of Re:vison, Procure Plus’s existing charity. The purpose of both charities is to support people who face barriers to employment, into sustainable employment. Both charities work collaboratively, within the construction sector. The boards of both charities recognised that their shared purpose and board member experience would be strengthened if they were to merge. WAMT is now represented within Re:vision and continues to lead on the support and promotion of females entering the sector.


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OSCO Homes is a developer and contractor with a difference, regenerating and creating happy neighbourhoods. We believe, by working differently, we can make homes aspirational, affordable and bring opportunity to people outside of the construction sector.  We strive to make our communities a better place for everyone to live in.


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