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Why use our frameworks?

We work closely with all the supply chain contractors and suppliers to ensure we operate an open and transparent route to market.  We follow strict procurement guidelines to ensure our clients remain compliant. Unlike our Dynamic Purchasing System, the call off process is detailed within each of the corresponding framework agreements but will fall into one of 2 categories:

Direct Selection:

This is permitted when the client’s requirements primarily meet with the original specification from Framework stage and the client can determine which contractor and supplier will provide it with the most economically advantageous offer for the works intended to be carried out.

Mini Competition:

If the client’s requirements are not in line with the original Framework specifications, tenders are run on behalf of, and in conjunction with, the client. There is a bespoke tender management portal which assists with the project management of the tenders.

  • Fire risk and mitigation framework

    Fire and risk

  • Goods and materials framework

    Goods and materials

  • Installation and repair framework

    Installation and

  • Merchants and responsive materials framework


  • Gas Servicing and Repair framework

    Heating Servicing and Repair

  • Heating Servicing and Repair

  • Offsite Manufacture and Construction of Housing

  • Fleet Partnerships

    Fleet Management

  • Low and Zero Carbon Technologies

  • Waste management framework

    Waste Management

  • Plant and Tool hire

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