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Kyle’s story

Kyle* was referred to Re:vision through the Achieve programme for a trainee roofing position in Flintshire.  He had a conviction and the subsequent prison sentence had a massive impact on his confidence and he was worried about his future prospects.


Kyle had a range of experience and he talked about his interest for getting back into roofing and gaining a qualification.  Re:vision provided him with comprehensive feedback & coaching following his interview including personal presentation and how to get the most out of his transferable skills during the real interview.  Following the interview Re:vision also provided the feedback to Kyle’s case manager to ensure they would work on these points with him to put him in the best position possible for his interview with the contractor.


Re:vision’s relationship with Achieve meant Re:vision were able to get full disclosure of Kyle’s conviction before the interview and this meant Re:vision could work with the contractor to mitigate any risks or reservations the contractor may have had and ensure he  was given a fair chance.

As a result of the interview practice and coaching Kyle excelled in his interview and was offered a work trial. He impressed on his work trial and was offered the trainee roofer position and started in July 2018.

“Upon hearing about the vacancy, I met Kyle and explained the process to him, he was eager but lacked some confidence, so we discussed disclosure and interview techniques to support him. Kyle met with Re:vision for a practice interview which was extremely useful as it helped him feel more confident about going through the process and answered several questions and helped him with his interview skills. Re:vision helped remove the barrier of his past offence straight away by sourcing the potential job role. Re:vision sent me some vital feedback which I was able to share with him again which helped him for the main interview. Kyle was successful in achieving the apprenticeship and has since grown in confidence. Because of this job role and this experience Kyle’s risk of offending has drastically reduced, he has a routine, has improved in confidence and feels much better in himself and is in a much better position in his life. ”

Mike Taylor

*Kyle’s case manager

“I would just like to thank Re:vision for the work that has been done with Kyle. It has made a massive difference to his life getting back into employment and it will certainly be a positive factor that should reduce the risk of further offending. He was sentenced to custody for a violent offence, he was unemployed upon release and finding employment was his main priority- he was unsure how to go about finding employment after spending time in custody and was unsure how to disclose his offence to employers. Since Kyle has attended Probation and is very happy to be back in work, he feels that the job has helped him get back into a positive routine. ”

*Kyle's probation officer

probation officer

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