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Summit is a family run business with in excess of 90 directly employed staff.

Kevin heard about the HMP Thorncross scaffolding pre-employment programme through the promotion via the NASC (National Access & Scaffolding Confederation).

Starting in April 2022 Procure Plus along with Fulcrum Scaffolding & Training started to deliver a scaffolding pre-employment programme at HMP Thorncross which is funded via the CITB Onsite Experience fund.

This includes a five-day, hands-on programme where learners receive an introduction to scaffolding, constructing low-level structures such as towers, independents, and birdcages. Over five days the learners will complete a COTS course and a Level 1 health and safety course.

All trainees are given the opportunity to gain a CISRS COTS card and real-life work experience, providing them with a greater chance of securing immediate employment within the scaffolding industry upon release.

Summit Scaffolding have taken on several people whilst on licence who have worked on a variety of locations across the Northwest.

The feedback from the team has been very positive and overall, Summit have been really impressed with the lad’s great work ethic, attitude, and the way they have settled in on site. It is great that the guys so far have come to us site ready. It makes recruiting new labour which has been challenging recently with the current skills shortage a lot easier. We get pre-vetted people who want to work for us, work hard and start a career in scaffolding. The next step for us is to look at putting the lads onto a Part 1 once they have settled in and are ready. I would recommend other employers to access this pre-employment programme, it helps Summit as an employer, and it is supporting someone to have a second chance and giving them an opportunity not just to have a job but to have a career.

Kevin Lang

Managing Director at Summit Marine Scaffolding Ltd

James first heard about the scaffolding pre-employment course through some previous people who had completed the course and were out working on licence.

James had never worked in scaffolding before and was keen to learn something new that would help him get an opportunity to start work. After completing the pre-employment scaffolding course he received his scaffolding labourer card. This gave James the chance to go out on site so when the opportunity arose to go for an interview and work trial with Summit Scaffolding, he didn’t hesitate.

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