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B4box is a construction company but they also provide training and employment opportunities for those most distant from the labour market. B4box has a training academy for their apprentices and over 95% of these apprentices remain in sustainable employment with B4box or other firms who ask to hire their graduates.

“We value our partnership with Re:vision because of the encouragement and support we receive from the team and the positive impact that our collaboration has on the lives of local beneficiaries. Re:vision’s intent to support people into employment aligns perfectly with B4Box’s work and they are particularly supportive of our mission to bring people from under-represented groups into the construction industry. As well as providing employment and training opportunities for people in need, this enables us to attract new talent into construction to address the sector’s skills crisis and support the ongoing development of the industry”


B4box Development Manager


Chelsea started her training with B4box in 2016 and has recently graduated from her Apprenticeship in Multi-Trade Building Maintenance. Chelsea had a really tough childhood and before joining B4box was at a really low point in her life, but she was able to work with support agencies and take advantage of this opportunity to turn things round completely.

Chelsea’s hard-work and determination to succeed was recognised at the 2017 North West Regional Construction Awards when she won the Younger Achiever of the Year award.


Krista is a Stockport Homes tenant who had been out of work for over a year whilst looking after child. Krista had been actively looking for a chance to get back into work but struggled to find an opportunity that fitted her commitments. To prove her determination to get a job she decided to explore opportunities in industries she had not previously considered, including construction. Krista contacted the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) who introduced her to B4Box and she went on to complete an initial two-week on-site work experience programme as part of the bConstructive scheme.


The ‘hands-on’ placement gave Krista the chance to undertake a range of tasks and duties on site, like an employee would, but with an emphasis on the learning aspects of the experience to see if construction would be the industry for her. The work experience placement was a great success for Krista and she impressed her colleagues with her attitude and commitment. Krista’s positive work placement resulted in an immediate job-offer from B4Box and she is now employed as a Multi-Trade Apprentice developing her skills in joinery, plastering, tiling, painting and decorating, and roofline works.


Clare had a long-term career as a machinist and bookbinder before ill health meant she had to leave her job. A period of working through mental health issues meant it was sometime before Clare felt fit for work again. Having always enjoyed practical work with her hands, Clare began to volunteer at a furniture restoration charity and canal barge preservation society, which made her think about other practical vocations.

Clare was then referred to B4Box to undertake a training qualification that gave her the chance to expand her practical skills. Clare quickly progressed into employment with B4Box and is now currently working through her comprehensive Multi-Trade Building Maintenance apprenticeship.

“I enjoy what I do, every day in my job is different, and it’s great to be learning new skills and doing things I’ve never done before. To people looking to get back into work or find a new career direction, I say keep trying. Don’t wait for something to fall straight into your lap because it won’t happen, but if you work hard and try new things, then there can be light at the end of tunnel and like me you can find something that is perfect for you”


Multi-Trade Building Maintenance apprentice

“I’ve been in construction for 55 years and Clare is one of best apprentices I’ve seen. She is very eager to learn and has quickly picked-up new skills to already produce a very good standard of work. I know she is destined to become a great all-round, multi-skilled operative”

John McNamara

B4box Supervisor