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With multiple funding streams becoming available from government the retrofit agenda is starting to accelerate and the drive to carry out high quality improvement works to properties has never been more important. Procure Plus were selected from a group of consortia to procure a route to market on behalf of Liverpool Combined Authority to retrofit both public and private sector domestic properties.  We didn’t want to procure a series of installers for the various measures but wanted service providers who could work collaboratively around the key areas of these projects to make them a success:

  1. Identification and eligibility assessment of suitable properties
  2. Production of a medium and long term plan for that home in line with PAS20:35
  3. Carry out the retrofit works to the correct standard using the correct detailing and co-ordination of trades
  4. Inspection and validation of the works

Where are we:

The retrofit DPS has started to deliver for the Liverpool Combined Authority with 93 measures installed and 211 assessments in the first three weeks and the programme due to accelerate after Christmas. As part of this activity we have been able to support 44 people with accredited construction training prior to employment and 30 of them are now in full time employment.

Case Study: D is a young 19 year old who has been in and out of care since he was 11. Having attended a programme based in the community as part of the partnership between PP and the Hub, D was able to gain his CSCS Green Card, Health and Safety level 1 and Environmental Ambassador Accreditation. This gave him an opportunity to apply for a job with a local business completing retrofit works (replacement windows and doors) on residential properties locally. This was not just a job for D, this was a life change! He has sustained his employment, his employer has offered to fund further training and qualifications and he has been able to move out of temporary accommodation and start a new life.

Where are we going to go:

We are now talking to eight other authorities who wish to utilise the service and have launched mini comps with two. This goes hand in hand with building relationships with the service providers currently on the Dynamic Purchasing System and attracting the right companies to join during its term. Large scale retrofit programmes of the past have been challenged by the required speed of works to the correct standards. We wanted to design a route to market that would ensure the assessment, design, detailing and validation of works was as important as their installation.

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