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Adam* is another Salford resident who has benefited from CSF. Adam was an older candidate who was living as a full-time carer for his mother who sadly passed away last year. Following this Adam wanted to get back into employment to give himself a sense of purpose and independence. Prior to his caring responsibilities he had worked but had been with the same company for over 30 years so the prospect of applying for new roles and job interviews was very daunting. Adam came across TBT via social media and saw the CSF training opportunities they were working with PP on.

Adam successfully completed a course in January, and it was clear he had the desire to work but he was very anxious about the idea of an interview. TBT worked with Adam on interview skills and PP’s hub delivery manager spoke with Adam prior to the interview to give him some advice and calm his nerves. PP hub manager identified a role within Spire which would be perfect for Adam because it would give him a supportive environment whilst he adjusted to be back in employment. Adam was successful on in the interview and has now started on site.

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