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Re:vision providing financial and personal support for Apprentices – Joe’s story

As part of the Procure Plus frameworks, local contractors, working to improve or build local housing, are required to employ and train local people. Re:vision oversees this activity, ensuring that contractors create meaningful positions, often apprenticeships, and that these are made available to candidates engaged with local community groups supported by Re:vision.

Joe's story Support when it's needed most

In West Lancashire, Re:vision worked with a local contractor working on improving council housing stock to create an apprenticeship position for a maintenance operative. Re:vision had been working with various groups in the local area who were informed of this position, and Joe was referred. Although Joe had had several jobs since leaving school, he suffered from anxiety following the loss of his dad at a young age, and this had prevented him from being able to sustain his employment.

The Re:vision team met Joe and organised a mock interview in preparation for his meeting with the contractor. Joe, and his job coach, received constructive feedback from Re:vision to ensure he was fully prepared for the next stage. Importantly: Re:vision also ensured the contractor was aware of Joe’s anxiety, so that measures could be put in place (including access to training for contractor staff) so that the employment environment would be positive for Joe. After 2 interviews and a week’s work trial Joe was successful in securing the position.

Joe is now established as an Apprentice Maintenance Operative with the contractor based in West Lancs. During this time, Joe has had the support of Re:vision who have provided him with his own tool kit, suitable clothing for work and more importantly regular catch ups to ensure that any issues or additional support required is addressed quickly and effectively.

Sadly, Joe received some distressing news about a family bereavement, 4 weeks into his employment: however, Re:vision were able to support him through this extremely difficult time. Joe explained that although this was a step backwards for him, he realised he was now able to deal with tragedy in a very different way than he had previously and was able to control the anxiety, unlike before. He realised he was able to cope better in stressful situations because of the position he is in now.

Joe explained that being in a job that he enjoys has also had a massive impact on his personal life, and quoted his Mum saying, “I like new Joe …….”. Joe added that without Re:vision and the support received he feels he would still be on a downward spiral as he couldn’t afford PPE or the correct tools for his job. Thankfully, Re:vision were able to supply the necessary tools. Along with both the financial and personal support, Joe is now really looking forward to starting his maintenance college course and planning for his future.

“Having the stability of work and his apprenticeship, Joe said “I want to get as much out of the opportunity as I possibly can, I’m now looking to start my driving lessons, and I am now able to pay some of my debts and can look forward to the future, I feel as if I’ve had a new lease of life ….”.”
Joe Power Apprentice

What we do

Re:vision is the charity subsidiary division of Procure Plus, working to support local people who are distanced from the labour market, into employment. Re:vision works with community groups, job clubs, social enterprises and other similar organisations actively engaged with their local communities. Re:vision works with and supports these organisations, providing grant funding for their employability activities and training for front-line staff to help improve their employability service, and help more local people in to employment.

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