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Products for the future

Our frameworks enable the very latest technologies and products to be purchased and installed. They also provide access to some of the leading, cutting edge designs (via our consultancy services framework) helping landlords who may not have in house expertise get started. We have developed a Brokerage model, which gives landlords an independent view on specification of materials, procurement of labour, funding etc. to ensure that true best value is achieved.


Procure Plus have been concentrating on sustainability for a number of years, initially setting up a green catalogue of products following meetings with landlords to find out what they wanted to purchase. We established the SPAR (Sustainability and Recycling) Group in November 2008, now renamed the Green Hub. We believe that it is unique in that it brings together landlords, installers, manufacturers, Procure Plus and experts in the field.


We hold regular meetings where the latest information and best practice is discussed and disseminated. The group is actively involved in events and conferences i.e. Greenbuild, Ecobuild and they have visited universities, manufacturers and suppliers looking at green technologies and buildings. There is now a dedicated PV (photovoltaic) group where landlords working on, or planning, PV installations to their housing stock can learn, help develop, and share best practice.