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With inflation at record levels one of the automatic responses is to use procurement and aggregation as a vehicle to keep prices low. Whilst this is true in some markets, we can get over consumed by the price of items and lose sight of where the true savings are identified. The Covid-19 years have seen a massive increase in the domestic improvements market with few streets without skips as the population embraced the working from home culture. This has reduced availability and driven up costs.

Where are we:

During this time our waste framework has seen growth of 62% with landlords keen to engage with and utilise service providers to analyse their waste to drive savings through efficiency rather than raw price of the skip. Understanding the composition of their waste, how often it is emptied and where to means landlords can influence behaviour of operatives to drive efficiencies not only in cost but to the environment. Landlords using the framework have been able to reduce the percentage of waste to landfill to 5% and made savings in the region of 20% whilst actually paying more for their skips. Landlords have also analysed operative efficiency to understand how the waste provision can enhance their productivity. Procure Plus work with landlords to identify the areas of improvement and ensure the service providers on our framework are the best suited to deliver them

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This year we have been pleased to facilitate call offs for Karbon Homes and LIVV group. We are working up call offs with another 4 landlords that will all be live over the next few months to continue to make a difference both environmentally and financially.

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