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Procure Plus announces £29M savings for clients


Procure Plus has announced the findings of its 23/24 Value for Money report which has seen spending across its frameworks hit £208 million, up £36.8m on last year, driven by a growth in planned repairs and renewable technologies.

The not-for-profit company, which is owned by housing providers, says that by working collaboratively with suppliers, focusing on value and leveraging the purchasing scale with its innovative use of data and market intelligence, it has been able to save landlords £29 million in the last year, with no compromise on quality and a continued commitment to social value.

 With Decent Homes 2 on the horizon, Procure Plus also reports a surge in activity from landlords proactively awarding large-scale contracts for planned refurbishments works.

Through this innovative approach, Procure Plus has delivered significant savings in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

While market prices in 2023 saw kitchens costing approximately £8,000 per unit, Procure Plus saw its costs drop to £3,833 per unit in 2024.  Similarly, the market price for bathrooms came in at £6,000 in 2023, compared to the Procure Plus base price of £2,422.

Spend on renewable technologies continues to grow and remains in high demand across the country with demand for insulation, heat pumps and PV increasing.

Investment in responsive repairs has also risen, with just under ten million transactions this year and Procure Plus securing around 11% savings for landlords on costs.

In response to the evolving market, Procure Plus has expanded its offer and introduced new solutions, including plant and tool hire and commercial retrofit works. Driven by data and market insights, Procure Plus constantly works with landlords to advise on the latest market conditions. Procure Plus is also extending its local, regional installer offer to include the North East and Yorkshire and Humberside regions.

Gwen Beeken, Managing Director at Procure Plus, said:

“We are proud to see the tangible benefits of our efforts reflected in this year’s impressive savings and increased activity. We want to provide landlords with the best value for money without compromising on quality, and it’s great to see this reflected in the numbers.

“All procurement covered by the new Procurement Act legislation must provide clarity and deliver value for money, whilst maximising public benefit. Transparency and integrity are part of our core values, and the proactive engagement of more housing providers in our procurement processes highlights the trust and value they find in our approach.”

Procure Plus is supporting housing providers across the North West as lead for the North West Cabinet Office Housing Communities of Practice group, working with government and other key stakeholders to prepare for the implementation of the Procurement Act.

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