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Housing providers across the country are revisiting their approach to stock condition surveys.
Matt Jarratt, assistant director of Operations at Procure Plus, looks at how to strike the right balance on stock condition data

Donald Rumsfeld famously set out that there are known knowns; the things we know we know. Known unknowns; the things we know we don’t know. And unknown unknowns; the things we don’t know we don’t know.

It’s the latter category that strikes fear into housing management professionals.

Across the sector, landlords have well-developed processes to ensure that their stock meets the decent homes standard and that any complaints are addressed appropriately. There are also ambitious plans to retrofit ageing stock to meet modern sustainability standards.

But without comprehensive and accurate data about the condition of every property that they manage, social landlords are operating in a climate of unknown unknowns. They simply do not know to what degree of risk they are exposed in the future.

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