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With a continued focus on how we can as a business reduce our carbon footprint, we’ve undertaken a review of how this has changed over the last 3 years, bearing in mind the impact the pandemic had on all working practices.

The 2019/20 baseline was taken just before COVID and reflects how the business used to operate, with a proportion of the company based full time in the office.

The Results

Overall We’re Doing Well

The company carbon footprint remains lower than the 2019/20 baseline

TRANSPORT – remains the largest contributor to our carbon footprint

COMMUTING – has a big impact and may increase further

GREENER TRANSPORT- is an area to continue to focus on in the future

We will continue to measure these indicators as we strive to drive the impact of our carbon footprint down.

Graph representing Procure Plus’ Carbon Footprint 

Graph representing Procure Plus' Carbon Footprint