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Meet Sunil Rajcoomar

Sunil, from Preston working as a Vehicle Banksman through Frameworks Recruitment on the Costain PWDR site.

Back in 2009, Sunil was sent to prison for conspiracy to import Class B drugs and armed robbery and was eventually released in 2016. Upon release, Sunil had to rebuild his life and career and started working for a recycling company. Through hard work, positive attitude and determination, Sunil was promoted and was working in the office overseeing the transport logistics for the wagons.

Covid hit and in 2020 Sunil was put on furlough, only to be made redundant upon the company returning to work.

This was a particularly challenging period and in order to maintain his housing and security, Sunil found himself taking any work he could get including warehouse work on minimum wage. Work was sporadic and it was whilst signing on to the Job Centre during that period that Sunil was put in touch with Procure Plus.

Originally referred for an opportunity Procure Plus were advertising in partnership with a Groundworks company, Sunil attended a Health & Safety course in Preston and was immediately put through (and passed) his CSCS test.

During this time however, the opportunity with the Groundworks company fell through as the employer retracted the offer. It was through Sunil’s engagement with Procure Plus and the Hub that we were immediately able to set Sunil up with an interview on the Costain site with the Site Management team who agreed, on the basis of the Hub continuing to support Sunil to offer him a Vehicle Banksman role. Upon completing his NPORS Vehicle Banksman ticket, Sunil started in position straight away.

Who are Costain?

Costain is recognised as one of the UK’s leading smart infrastructure solutions companies, employing c. 3100 with services that span the Rail, Highways, Aviation, Energy, Water and Defence sectors.

What is the PWDR Project?

Short for Preston Western Distributor and East-West Link Road, this £200m road scheme linking Preston and the Southern Fylde to the M55 Motorway is the biggest new road programme in the Preston, South Ribble and Lancaster City Deal and is due for completion in 2023.

Q+A with Sunil

Prior to engaging with Procure Plus, what had your job search experience been?

Honestly, my only previous job search experience had been sitting in the Job Search, scouring the internet, applying for jobs that you then heard nothing back from and picking up bits here and there through word of mouth.

In what ways would you say your engagement with Procure Plus and the Lancashire OSE Hub assisted you in securing the role with Costain?

Prior to engaging with Procure Plus, I had never worked in Construction before. Engaging with the hub not only gave me a route in, but also provided invaluable support in terms of gaining the tickets and certifications I needed and also the interview with an employer with whom there was not only the potential to build on my career in construction but also would be an invaluable reference to have on my CV.

What difference has attaining the qualifications and securing full time work made for you?

This is the best paid job I’ve had since leaving prison. The money I have been earning has enabled me to fund myself through my CPCS 10+ tonne Excavator qualification which will enhance my employment opportunities and further earning potential in the future. I’ve also made some great friends and contacts on site. I have gained invaluable experience working on one of the major infrastructure sites in the northwest with a nationally recognised company.

But more than this, working full time as allowed me to provide a stable home environment for my stepson, who, growing up used to come and visit me in prison and had up until recently started to get into trouble himself. I have always felt I owe it to him to show him a different path. He now lives with me and also works full time on a site close by and I am pleased to say is staying out of trouble. He too, is now keen to pursue an honest career in construction to secure his own future.

What are your plans now for the future and a career in construction?

The next qualification I aim to do is the SSSTS Site Supervisor certificate and longer term I’d love to drive a Crane. Watch this space!

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