Frameworks - Procure Plus
Creating value for our communities


Procure Plus have established a number of frameworks to provide easy access to a comprehensive range of services (as detailed in the navigation panel) which provide procurement solutions for our clients.

The frameworks reduce the time and costs associated with the procurement of construction related services by offering a pre-tendered call off facility which:

  • saves time (up to 77 days) and resource / procurement costs
  • is compliant with UK and EU legislation
  • incorporates achieving excellence and best practice initiatives
  • provides demonstrable value for money
  • assures quality and flexibility of service provision

Company selection

In order to comply with OJEU regulations there are two options for selecting companies: mini competition or direct selection.

To use direct selection the landlord should be able to determine from the original tender information which is the most economically advantageous offer for their requirement. Due to the simple nature of this selection, this method is only suitable for single service where the scope of works is similar to that used at tender. The reason for the selection should be recorded for audit purposes.

To carry out a mini competition landlords should:

  • Invite all the consultants who are capable of carrying out all the work to tender – reasons for excluding any consultants should be recorded
  • Send the ITT to all providers at the same time. The ITT should set out the criteria that are to be used (questions should be from price, capacity and availability, corporate and social responsibility, delivery of service which were used in the original tender), the respective weighting, the timescale and process to be used
  • Tenders should be scored consistently and the most economically advantageous submission should be awarded the contract

The running of any mini competition is the responsibility of the landlord. Procure Plus have an internet based tender management system that can be used to manage this process.