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In the last financial year we delivered £23m worth of retrofit projects and £72m traditional planned investment works but why are these reported and completed separately? If we are to hit the challenging carbon saving targets, we need to design all improvement works to improve not only the longevity of the building and customer experience but also the energy efficiency of that home.

Where are we:

Procure Plus are now working with landlords to understand how retrofit works can be included in standard programmes and the cost benefits that are evident by this approach. We recently carried out an analysis of a traditional roofing programme to understand the difference in cost to include both PV as part of the scheme and also to extend the eaves to accommodate external wall insulation on hard-to-treat properties.


Work Element to 3 bed house Stand alone cost Cost as part of a roofing programme
PV  £2,981  £2,256
Eaves Extension  £1,656  £552

Where are we going to go:

Procure Plus will be working with landlords at the inception of their programmes to aggregate the learning across the framework and incorporate innovation and design changes to address this agenda.

Watch this space.

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