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However, Procure Plus doesn’t just help create quality/sustainable employment opportunities we also try to support those most distant from the labour market into these positions. We support candidates who could be overlooked in ‘normal’ recruitment processes due to the barriers they have.

In 21/22 679 of the 790 candidates (86%) Procure Plus placed into work categorised themselves as being from on or more of the priority groups we have identified and listed opposite. If Procure Plus included redundancies in this list for 21/22, therefore to include those people unemployed for less than 6 months, this would increase the proportion to 95%.

We achieve this through several routes. One of which is by providing support to local employment groups (LEGs) who support candidates on their journey to employment. We assist these groups by providing funding for the services they offer to candidates, and we also support them to improve their services through capacity building and the provision of professional training and development for their frontline advisors.

Last year Procure Plus commissioned 35 local groups a total of £510,000 to support them and their service provision in local communities. This funding contributed to 312 people becoming work ready and ultimately enter full time, sustainable jobs.


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