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Rexel are supporting Apprentices on the Reallies Framework

Rexel are one of the leading suppliers of electrical products in the UK. They are committed to ensuring that they conduct their business in a responsible and sustainable manner. Taking care of customers, suppliers, employees, the wider community and the environment with a high standard of business integrity are all essential to the ongoing success of the organisation.

Rexel UK Limited

Rexel are supporting 11 apprentices through the Reallies Merchant Framework through a variety of methods from the provision of a starter toolkit to ongoing training and mentoring. They are sponsoring 3 of these apprentices who, due to their support, have overcome barriers and gained employment. Wayne Lango, Alex Tyrie and Will Doleman have been recruited by Re:vision (a subsidiary charity of Procure Plus Holdings) through their partnership with local employment groups, YES Manchester, the Broughton Trust and Salford Search. The local employment groups have worked with these candidates to remove their barriers to work, prepare them for interview and to sustain employment. All 3 apprentices are working for construction companies on the Procure Plus Framework.

Wayne Lango Wayne is an Electrical Apprentice with Mears working to improve properties for Northwards Housing through the Procure Plus Framework.

Wayne had always wanted to be an electrician like his father. At school he didn’t reach his potential and was often in trouble finding it hard to concentrate in class; although he took GCSE’s he did not do well. Wayne went to college to undertake a Level 2 mechanics qualification but dropped out after 8 months. He then worked for UniBox for 6 months before being laid off on his 18th Birthday due to lack of work. Wayne then struggled to find work and became long term unemployed, but continued to apply for jobs and apprentice opportunities without success, which meant he become very demotivated and had low self esteem when he signed up to YES Manchester for help.

With financial support from Re:vision, YES Manchester were able to help Wayne by giving him 1-2-1 coaching. This boosted his confidence and self esteem and they helped him to prepare a CV and provided interview skills training. Re:vision then arranged an interview for the apprenticeship opportunity with Mears. Wayne impressed at interview, was offered the position and started his Electrical Apprenticeship in September 2017.
When Wayne stared his apprenticeship, he was delighted to receive a tool kit from Re:vision made possible through the Rexel UK Limited sponsorship.

Due to Rexel’s sponsorship, Wayne continues to do well in his apprenticeship. Both his supervisor at Mears and his college tutor are very pleased with his progress and motivation. Wayne receives ongoing mentoring support from the Re:vision team.

“Getting the apprenticeship was amazing I am determined to work hard and be worthy of the faith that everyone at YES, Re:vison, Rexel and Mears have shown in me. The toolkit is fantastic, it is just what I needed. I know I would never have had this opportunity without all this support”
Wayne Electrical Apprentice at Mears

Alex Tyrie Alex is working as part of the team that are improving the housing stock of Salix Homes in Salford.

Alex could not find an apprenticeship opportunity, so went to college hoping that they would help him find an employer while he started his training. After completing an Electrical Diploma at Salford City College, Alex was still unable to secure an apprenticeship and complete his qualification. Alex felt let down and the numerous rejections he received had a very negative effect, making his confidence low. Alex sought support from Salford Search and the Broughton Trust.

They worked hard to rebuild Alex’s confidence and when they felt he was ready, put him forward to Re:vision for an Electrical Apprenticeship opportunity with A B Electrical. Alex started his apprenticeship on 3rd January 2018.
Re:vision liaised with Salford College and arranged for him to be signed up to complete his apprenticeship and he is doing extremely well refining his skills. Alex is working as part of the team that are improving the housing stock of Salix Homes in Salford.

“The work undertaken by Re:vision with their local employment group partners is key to sourcing candidates from the local communities where we work. We are delighted with how Alex has fitted into the team and confident the he will have a great career with us in the future.”
Simon Crewe Commercial Manager at A.B.Electrical stated
“This opportunity is great for me I have always wanted to be an electrician. I live in a Salix Homes property and I’m proud to be improving other tenant’s homes in Salford and putting some good back into the community”
Alex Apprentice
“Alex is not unusual, we come across many young people who have completed a diploma and still been unable to secure employment. As a result of the funding we have received from Rexel, we are able to make a difference and support employers and their apprentices, putting a stop to wasted talent.”
Fiona Sharp Operations Director at Re:vision

Will Doleman Electrical Apprentice

Will was NEET (not in education, employment or training). After leaving school he started a business studies course but couldn’t secure employment on completion. He worked as a labourer for a while, but the work was inconsistent. Will was unsure of what he wanted to do, becoming very demotivated and lacking in enthusiasm. Will started to work with YES Manchester, who helped him with his motivation and looked at his skills and abilities. They gave him advice and guidance and Will’s confidence grew.

Will decided he was interested in an electrical apprenticeship; however, his education was not of the standard that a college would accept, and he would have to do a test to prove he can complete the course. YES helped Will with his Maths and English and he passed the test required. Due to his lack of experience YES and Re:vison suggested that he complete a work experience. Will excelled in his work experience with Mears and upon completion was asked to apply for an electrical apprenticeship. Will is now an Electrical Apprentice with Mears.

“We are delighted with Will, we know that candidates put forward by YES and Re:vision have had a lot of support and are always well prepared for work when they come to us. Re:vision continue to support the apprentices and ourselves to ensure that they have the best chance of success and complete their apprenticeships. The toolkits the apprentices receive are excellent”
Paula Law Recruitment Manager at Mears
“All the work I did with YES and the pre-interview with Re:vison really helped to settle my nerves, I hadn’t had many previous interviews. When I was offered the work trial, I was determined to show Mears that I was hard working and reliable. I can’t tell you how much this opportunity means to me and my future, I’m really enjoying my time as an electrical apprentice learning all the skills I need to become qualified.”
Will Electrical Apprentice at Mears
“Many of our clients require help with employability skills and the support from Re:vision and sponsors like Rexel is vital in enabling YES to achieve our goal of getting local residents into work. Re:vision also helps employers to understand the challenges and barriers our clients may need to overcome to sustain their employment”
Diane Roberts Chief Executive at YES

Working in partnership Collaboration that benefits community & business

The principles of Corporate Social Responsibility Policy permeate through every aspect of our organisation. Our policy is built on four pillars that reflect Rexel’s approach to Social Value:

  1. Energy Management
  2. Working with our Suppliers – Sourcing with Integrity
  3. Working with Local Communities
  4. Supporting Our Employees

This is achieved through partnerships with our customers to bring real value to the communities in which our branches reside.

The Reallies Partnership is a strategic collaboration of housing consortia that aims to be recognised as the first choice in housing procurement. Known for delivering genuine social and commercial value to housing providers, communities and the local economy. This is achieved through effective and efficient procurement.

Procure Plus is a regeneration consortium of social housing providers based in the North West and is a member of Reallies.

Re:vision is the charity subsidiary division of Procure Plus, working to support local people who are distanced from the labour market, into employment. We work with Local Employment Groups (LEGS) who are community groups, job clubs, social enterprises and other similar organisations actively engaged with their local community. They provide a support provision that helps to prepare individuals for the world of work. Re:vision works with and supports these organisations, providing grant funding for their activities and quality measures which may also result in the provision of training to help further improve their service.

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